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Bright colours, flashing lights and hard house pounding from the speakers - it seems like half of Camden is given over to cyber clothes shops - here's a selection of the best

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Camden girl speaks
with forked tongue

The best of the "bod
mods" - extremes
of body modification revealed

It ain't over til the
drag divas mime

Drag queens at
Camden's infamous
Black Cap

Photo by Jill Pader

the dog's bollocks


Cyberdog has become an integral part of the alternative dance scene with their brand of sci-fi alien-inspired florescent clubwear. You can hear their Camden HQ long before you see it – with hard house pumping from huge stack speakers in their cavernous cybercafe. Alien designs are everywhere, cyber robots line the walls. The clothes are stretchy silver, glow in the dark plastic and t-shirts complete with flashing matrix-style lights. Original and futuristic. Cyberdog, Stables Market, Camden.Tel: 020 7474 3737

vibrant streetwear


cyber clubwear


Punkyfish has established a reputation for original, cyber designer clothing at affordable prices. Most of their customers are aged between 12 and 20 and love the bright, vibrant streetwear with a sporty touch from designer Kemal Gediz. Their new shop in Camden High Street is one of the most eye-catching stores on the strip. The Canal Market store sells discounted end of line Punkyfish stock - lots of bargains. Punkyfish, 1 Chalk Farm Road, NW1 or Unit 304 Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, NW1 8AH. Tel: 020 7482 4400. Or Camden Canal Market, NW1.



This is cyber clubwear that you can also take out onto the streets. Bright reds, yellows, blues and greens flash with ultra violet stitching and reflective bands. Spank has existed as a shop in the Stables Market for several years now and owner Deborah has been selling her own- design alternative clubwear on stalls in the market and at festivals for much longer. Her clothes are often seen adorning the nation's slinkier TV presenters and Madonna has been seen wearing their stuff. It all well-priced, too. From UV tops for around £20. Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, London NW1. Tel: 020 7482 3959.

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Vicious started life as a small experimental venture
in the historical catacombs of Camden Market stables.
In 1996, Vicki 'vicious' Pena, after spending many years in fashion retail, decided to try her hand at the creative side.
Vicious had a remit to experiment with materials,
looks, gender roles, and concepts. Vicious attracts clients who believe in their individuality and are unafraid to 'dress up' and live the fantasy world of reality. There are no boundaries in the Vicious world anyone can try it, regardless. The rest of the world is catching on now as famous faces appear in the shop on regular basis. Stables Market





Swear is a London based fashion house famous for its outrageous footwear - no wonder then that its more radical Swear 'Alternative' line is right here in Camden at Stables Market. Like Cyberdog, Swear has become a place for social interaction between fans of their shoes, who hang out there taking in the hard house music and the alternative decor. Swear has more than 20 flagship shops in cities such as London, Tokyo, Moscow, Hong Kong, Melbourne and others. But it all started here - well worth a visit for fans of their shoes. Prices range from £50 to £200. Swear, (Between Cyberdog and Black Rose) Stables market, Chalk Farm Road, NW1. Tel/Fax: 020 74857182. Map ref: D7



If you see someone wearing brightly coloured or florescent plastic tubing extensions in their hair, the chances are they got them from Pepi’s - the most famous cyber hair salon. Ironically Carlos, the driving force behind Pepi’s, developed his ideas more than 15 years ago – long before Cyberwear itself became well known. Pepi’s also specialise in hair extensions, dreadlocks and cuts using materials like monofibre, fibre optics, natural hair, foam, feathers, pipe cleaners, rubbers and bubblewrap - basically anything so long as it is comfortable, easily washable and light. The plastic tubing extension is achieved by first braiding the hair and then wrapping it with synthetic hair - then the plastic is tied around this ‘wrapped dread’, covering the whole length. To give more volume to the look the plastic starts at various points of the dread. Pepi's: Stables Market, Camden. Map ref: D7.


UV, alternative and cyber fashions at Spank

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