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There are loads of hairdressers in Camden - some of them a lot better than others.
Here's a selection of the best

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Camden girl speaks
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The best of the "bod
mods" - extremes
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The real Withnail
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Camden origins
of the cult classic

Carlos and Frog of Pepi's



If you see someone wearing brightly coloured or florescent plastic tubing extensions in their hair, the chances are they got them from Pepi’s - the most famous cyber hair salon. Ironically Carlos, the driving force behind Pepi’s (pictured with colleague Frog, at the top of this page), developed his ideas more than 15 years ago – long before Cyberwear itself became well known. Pepi’s also specialise in hair extensions, dreadlocks and cuts using materials like monofibre, fibre optics, natural hair, foam, feathers, pipe cleaners, rubbers and bubblewrap - basically anything so long as it is comfortable, easily washable and light. The plastic tubing extension is achieved by first braiding the hair and then wrapping it with synthetic hair - then the plastic is tied around this ‘wrapped dread’, covering the whole length. To give more volume to the look the plastic starts at various points of the dread. Pepi's: Stables Market, Camden. Tel: 020 7485 5266.



kentish town

Camden Locks specialise in dreadlocks and pseudo dreads – the Rastafarian style but using natural or synthetic hair to create natural-looking dreadlocks in all variations, thicknesses and colours. Marlene who runs Camden Locks also specialises in hair extensions and crazy colours. She says: “Many people are influenced by celebrities and want to look like them. They bring the star’s photographs to the shop and ask me to copy the hairstyle for them.” If you are looking for dreadlocks or extensions, just pop into her shop or send in a sample of your hair and they will match the wanted type of hair and colour for you. But be warned, you might need a lot of patience, because sessions can last from two to ten hours. Camden Locks: 11 Chalk Farm Road, London
NW1 8AG.
Tel: 020 7284 4247.

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Spiky Rubber

Spiky rubber jewellery from the Electric Ballroom

White Witch
Camden Lock's white witch - tarot, healing crystals, chakra balancing and more

Vintage T-shirts

Original vintage punk t-shirts from Fifth Column