camden market

Camden is famous the world over for its market and attracts over 5 million people a year. There are six different markets that make up Camden Market - all listed on
the left - and each has it's own
distinct and unique style

[] electric ballroom
[] inverness street
[] buck street market
[] canal market
[] camden lock market
[] stables market

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Online xmas shopping...Camden-style

like you've
never seen it before

Palmistry in Camden

Gary Markwick is camden's leading palm reader - visit him at Camden Lock Market

The real Withnail
and I

Camden origins
of the cult classic


camden's six markets

the markets

Camden is known for its avant garde fashion designers, cutting edge musicians, talented artists and craftsmen, exciting clubs and music venues but, above all, it is known for its markets. The area attracts more than 100,000 people every weekend who descend on the markets to browse and shop or just hang out, soak up the atmosphere and meet friends in the dozens of local bars and restaurants. It is the largest street market in the UK although actually it is a collection of six separate markets.

opening times


opening times


Many of Camden's shops and market stalls are open throughout the week from about 11am to 6pm.(with the exception of the Electric Ballroom market - Sundays only - and Camden Canal Market and the antiques section of Stables market - both only open at weekends.

Weekdays are a good time to miss out on the weekend crowds and get down to some serious shopping as you can browse through the shops without all the hustle and bustle to distract you.

The only day everything is closed is December 25.



The weekend is the busiest time for Camden's markets and all the stalls and shops are open from about 11am to 6pm on Saturday and Sunday.

You can only really experience the real atmosphere of Camden on the weekend. The streets are thronging with people, music blares out from dozens of different sources along the way, your senses are assaulted with an explosion of colour from every side while exotic cooking smells entice from restaurants and food stalls in all directions. It is very crowded all year round

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travel advice

Restricted tube on Sundays

There are so many visitors to Camden on Sundays that Camden Town underground station is 'exit only' in the afternoons between 1-5pm. You can get off the train there but you have to leave via Chalk Farm or Mornington Crescent stations.

See our 'Transport' page for more information.

Web Nation website design

Website design

check out Camden's leading website designers

UV Clubwear

the best in UV, alternative and cyber clubwear from Spank, Camden

Barfly Legends

The top bands who started out at Camden's Barfly

Bjork's music shop

Where does Bjork like to buy her musical instruments?

T-shirt printers

5th Column - Camden's own T-shirt printers