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Inverness Street Market is a traditional market and you can still buy some of London's best fruit and veg there. There are also clothes stalls and some great restaurants and bars

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inverness street market

A traditional market

Inverness Street Market has been a traditional street market for over 100 years. It still boasts a number of great fruit and vegetable stalls but now also includes many stalls selling clothes, bags and other goods. It is also lined with some of Camden’s leading restaurants and bars.

Open all week and weekends too.






The rough and ready pub at the far end of Inverness Street is a traditional London 'drinker' but with street cred. Once the HQ of Britpop in the nineties, locals looked on as the Gallagher brothers did, well, whatever it was that they did back then. Still in with the in crowd.


Tapas washed down with Spanish beer hits the spot after a hard day's shopping.

Good atmosphere, great food and friendly staff make this one of Camden's more popular destinations.


London's first DJ bar spawned so many imitations that its hard to imagine them not being around. Bar Vinyl is also the only cafe/bar with its own record shop downstairs - Vinyl Addiction - and record label upstairs - Fingerlickin' Records.
Great coffee, good food and drinks. Cool place.

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