Camden Tattoos

Eclipse is the leading tattoo studio in Camden and with good reason. It boasts some of the best tattooists in the country and has been creating amazing tattoos for over ten years

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stunning fist tattoo by Thomas

fist tattoo


Photo by Jill Pader

Eclipse Tattoos

Tattooing at Eclipse

Eclipse is far and away the best tattoo studio in Camden as far as we are concerned. And it's also the most popular - hundreds of people every week vote with their feet and walk down the steps into the spacious basement studio to get a tattoo. You can flick through the flashes - tattoo drawings - to get some inspiration or talk through your custom design idea with one of the tattoo artists. Check out some of their designs at their website.

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Eclipse Tattoo
204 Camden High Street
London NW1 8QR

Tel: 020 7482 4258

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  Eclipse tattoo Studio is open every day of the week from 10.30am to 7pm throughout the year   Eclipse is a fully licenced and professional studio with the highest standards of hygiene

Eclipse examples

     clock tattoo          imp tattoo     flower tattoo

tattoo artist john


tattoo artist thomas


tattoo artist richard

"I'm an artist," says John, originally from Tampa, Florida. "It just happens that I draw on skin instead of paper or canvas."

Take a look at some of John's artwork here


Thomas is one of Eclipse's most popular tattoo artists - and his work has a very distinctive style

Check out Thomas's tattoos here


From uncannily-lifelife monotone characatures to full-colour intricate designs - Richard does it all.

See more of Richard's designs here

Stunning design by Richard
girl camden

Great artwork by John
skull tattoo